This is the post excerpt.


“Love” the reason why our world go run.

The reason why we laugh and cry. When we are in Love we can create different world. A world that only you and me can understand. A world that we need and a world that the two of us can live on it. We became the Best when we are in Love. We can easily understand the books that we are reading, we always make our school exam pass, we can make work place a happy place, we always hit our quota in the office. We always have a positive mind and heart.

We became crazy, cheesy and most specially undeniably overjoyed.

The thrill that LOVE brings is an-explainable. Its like,”why there are a lot of butterflies in my stomach when every time I see you?”. Also, “how come you that every moment that I see you I can’t help myself to Smile or even giggle for a while?”.

The positiveness it brings like the Sun that every morning shines and telling us that Love is a never ending rays, rays that always there to keep us warmth and cozy.

Love it is if you are the best when he or she is with you.

Love it is if she or he makes you who you are and not with any pretensions.

Love it is if he or she keeps you warmth and feel his or her protection.

Love it is if… Love begets Love.